The key outcomes are the development of risk analysis methods for significant solutions in strategic planning challenges of oil and gas company development, related to its organizational chart, business profile, production and investment programs, conclusion of strategic alliances or major contracts. Methodology of risk analysis in sectoral strategy, the risk-analysis is integral to studies on growth strategy of oil and gas industry for future perspective. Research related to the risks, opportunities, new hydrogen energy for Kazakhstan, Central Asian countries at the state and corporate level.

The oil – Energy Security of Kazakhstan
“Kazakhstan Energy Aspects” center submits Analytical Reports on issues of competitive projects of Kazakhstan energy sector, development strategy analysis of energy sectors (oil, gas and electrical power).
Research activities will be carried out by the Center with the assistance of leading Kazakhstan, Russian and International experts engaged in strategic planning as well as in forecasting of global and regional energy sectors development.

The oil – Energy Security of Kazakhstan
Monitoring of Kazakhstan and other – OPEC + treaty countries participation efficiency in balancing of global oil production;
Operational research of changes in state policy and regulations in energy sector sphere of Central Asia countries and neighboring regions (China, Russia, Iran, South Caucasus, European Union);
The development of tools for improvement of Kazakhstan participation efficiency in EAEU Common Markets of electrical power, gas, oil and petrochemicals.
Creation of united energy structures (considering the interests of Kazakhstan) with Uzbekistan. Specifically in natural gas price assessment for consumers.