Kazakhstan Energy aspects

Rendering the effective expert’s analytical support for generation and development of long- range energy policy of Republic of Kazakhstan at national and enterprise level.

In all world-wild recourses Kazakhstan is mentioned as rising nation in global energy sector due to its reserve of energy. All this are shown in very optimistic way and with positive expectations. However, the possession of resources itself does not make us automatically rich country. All those need to be mined, refined and transported to the global and regional markets. The era of light and shallow laying oil production goes away, a growing number of companies leave for sea and ocean shelves and they attend to innovations. All of this is important for Kazakhstan too. The long-term program, more specifically Energy Policy, including energy diplomacy here is required, for the purpose to achieve the goal of large-scale recovery of energy resources and getting remarkable growth to the Central Government Budget. The center experts are focused on all of these, especially great attention is paid to the new world energy transition with its challenges and opportunities.

With relation to mineral recourses of the country, rational state policy in this direction, I am sure “Kazakhstan Energy Aspects” center will promote the growth of Kazakhstan economic power.

“Kazakhstan Energy Aspects” center is aimed to become a guide in global energy sector and its influence on Kazakhstan.

Abildayev Almaz, Director of “Kazakhstan Energy aspects” center